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These are also known as floral waters or distillates
They are an excellent complement to essential oils because they are gentle enough to be used directly on the skin and can be used on children and pets.

Hydrosols are the aromatic remains following a plant’s steam distillation process with similar, though much less concentrated properties of essential oil.
They consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-soluble compounds that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits.
These Pure Plant Hydrosols contain the essence of the plant in every drop.

Hydrosols are distilled from the entire plant material, unlike essential oils which are often obtained from select parts of the plant. Therefore, hydrosols may smell quite different and distinct when comparing them to the essential oil of the same plant.

We currently offer 3 different hydrosols OR you can choose the multipack, where you receive one of each and spoil yourself with all 3!

1) Chamomile Water
Calming and soothing, Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is excellent for the skin and can be used on both children and adults to soothe minor irritations, providing a comforting and moisturizing effect that feels amazing.
Great for inflamed, irritated or "hot skin" like eczema, rosacea, acne, sun-burn, poison ivy type rashes etc.
This hydrosol is also an ideal choice for baby care. Mist on baby’s bedding to promote calmness or use on a baby’s bottom to soothe occasional irritation in the diaper area.
Ingredients: Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Water

2) Rose Hydrosol
Rose water has powerful antiseptic properties, powerful anitoxidants and anti-aging effects. It is also known to enhance the mood due to having strong antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties.
This amazing hydrosol benefits EVERY skin type with its ability to soothe and hydrate, reduce redness, improve circulation and the appearance of fine lines.
Ingredients: Rose (Rosa Damascena) Water, Sodium Benzoate

3) Neroli
Orange Blossom Water (also known as Neroli Distillate) has a complex and sweet scent reminiscent of Mediterranean orange groves.
It is a beautiful addition to your skincare regimen.
Aromatherapists use Neroli to promote feelings of happiness, and relieve depression and anxiety.
In skin care, Neroli can act as a gentle, but effective astringent, helping to balance both hair and skin, especially mature and/or oily skin.
Neroli Hydrosol provides a less expensive alternative to enjoy the heavenly aroma and natural benefits of Neroli.
Ingredients: Orange Blossom (Citrus aurantium amara) Water, Sodium Benzoate

Offered in a 4oz glass bottle with a spray top.

Directions for use: Use these gentle, delicately scented sprays directly on the skin or use a cotton ball to apply to small areas of concern. May also use as a body or linen spray on water-safe fabrics or add to your favorite DIY body care formulations.

To prolong the shelf life, we recommend hydrosols be stored in the refrigerator from the time of purchase.


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