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Car Smelly Thingy

Car Smelly Thingy

Not just for your car and NOT your average fragrance.  Elevate your small space and make it smell delightful! These luxurious, powerful little scent-makers are filled with natural, upscale, classy fragrance blends, that will immediately bring you olfactory sensory pleasure. We believe in the power of fragrance to enhance our well-being and mood. We also believe that this enjoyment should be accessible to us, even on the go. Our mini reed diffusers are carefully formulated with natural fragrance oil blends of the highest quality.

Here's the hard part.... CHOOSING a fragrance! 

I Am Enough - A medley of sensual blonde woods, creamy santal, and amber with fresh, sweet floral accords.

Lilac Lemon - A gorgeous full bodied lilac with the balance of a crisp lemon.

Dark Knight - Slightly spicy pepper and warm citrus are rounded out with sweet lavender, vanilla + smoky tobacco.

Juniper Fir - Crisp fresh air as you walk through a beautiful forest of wintery fir and evergreens.

Vanilla Cream - Velvety smooth and luxurious, with a sweet, warm, creamy richness typical of vanilla. Add to that, soft notes of spice and tobacco producing a delicious gourmand with a smooth woody-balsamic undertone.

Jasmine Rose - Smells like a big, freshly cut bouquet of flowers filled with charming notes of pink and red roses, white jasmine, pink carnations, and rich amber.

Sage Smudge - A crisp, fresh blend of white sage, palo santo, frankincense, cypress, lavender and lemon.

Spice It Up -  Delectably spicy with fresh orange and lemon to enhance the clove, cinnamon, nutmeg all blending perfectly with pumpkin and vanilla to enhance the spiciness. A traditional favorite and classic autumn scent.

Balanced - A beautifully balanced cocktail of rosemary, lavender and citrus, reminiscent of a luxury spa. 

Oh So Neroli - An uplifting, bright, refreshing combination of yummy neroli, frangipani and bergamot. 

Caress My Champaca - A very grounding and etheral scent with the soft, creamy floral of champaca, which is a type of magnolia, along with the quietness of sandalwood sends the senses immediately to a peaceful place.

Paradise - Violet leaves, osmanthus, raspberry set the stage for an enticing, clean, white floral reminiscent of the floral gardens in a carribean paradise.

Milk and Honey - Milky vanilla, beeswax and heartwarming honey meld with orange zest and bee pollen in a dreamy, silky sweet combination.

Orangey Clove - A hardcore combo of densely spicy & warm, mixed with bright orange on top. This liitle one is a powerhouse and great for masking odors.

Citrus Burst - An intensely fresh citrus blend whuch includes lemon, orange, persian lime and red grapefruit to brighten up and refresh ANY space. These are wonderful to keep in the fridge!

Blue Lotus - an intoxicating blend of the gorgeous blue lotus flower,  rose otto and ylang ylang.

Honeysuckle - intensely floral, honey-sweet, rich aroma reminiscent of spring time and used extensively in aromatherapy to improve mood and increase sense of wellbeing.

Juicy Jasmine - Sensual, exhilarating, and delightfully playful. This little gem is very sweet and tenacious while also being dewy, somewhat musky, with a fresh natural greenness all at the same time.

Oud & Myrrh - Fresh, warm and woody. The citrus zest and lavender combine with charred cedarwood, oakmoss, and patchouli to play a beautiful melody for your nose.

Man Cave - Juicy wild citrus meets aromatic spices and earthy oakmoss for a sweet, but energizing combination. 

Halls Of Mint - An intoxicating blast of mint to refrshen and liven any space. Its opening is cool and crisp full of mint leaves and spearmint, accented by notes of neroli and black pepper, finishing with the alluring aroma with balsamic, woody undertones. 

  • Directions for use and helpful info..

    To use; 

    1) Remove the wood top. 

    2) Then remove the plastic stopper under the wooden lid. 

    3) Reapply the wooden lid to bottle. 

    4) Briefly tip it upside down to saturate the wooden lid with the fragrance oil.  

    5) Place or hang diffuser upright wherever you wish to use it. Re-saturate the wood lid as needed by briefly turning itupside down again. Do not keep bottle upside down, as leakage will occur. Always avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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